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Center for Educational Partnerships (CEP)

Fordham’s Center for Educational Partnerships (CEP) delivers a dual approach to the UACS model. As a community-based organization partner, CEP implements the community school strategy in two Bronx schools includes staffing (Community School Directors and team) and delivery of services (extended learning time, mental health, instructional support, and more). 

Additionally, CEP established the state-funded NYC Community Schools Technical Assistance Center, which supports 250+ existing community schools (and aspiring schools) through capacity building, site visits, and targeted assistance. Our UACS Team works closely with district/school administrators and faculties to deliver services that support the four pillars of the community school strategy. 

Research and Evaluation

Progress of PS 85 and MS 331 is measured through both quantitative data (student performance on New York State assessments, attendance benchmarks, and families touched by support services) and qualitative data (interviews, feedback, meeting notes, and artifacts). The CSTAC uses indicators as set forth by the New York State Education Department including development of site visits protocols, participation in capacity building events and sessions, and the establishment of communities of practice. In response, Fordham has continued its focus on student academic growth and continued to provide targeted assistance to community schools throughout New York City.

Partnership Highlights

The UACS partnership between MS331(Bronx) and Fordham University’s Center for Educational Partnerships (CEP) demonstrates the importance of mitigating challenges outside of school to ensure academic achievement for all students. MS331’s designation was recently elevated from the NYC’s Renewal Program to become a RISE School, after meeting progress benchmarks and demonstrating a sustainable school improvement structure. This data demonstrated growth in student performance on the NYS English-Language Arts and Mathematics tests. The role of the CEP was to provide the supports necessary for equity and access through the provision of instructional coaches for the faculty and tutoring services for the students.

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