University-Assisted Community Schools

UTKs University Assisted Community Schools (UACS) at Pond Gap and Inskip Elementary offer significant ongoing opportunities for students and families in the Knoxville community, as well as for students and faculty at the University of Tennessee (UTK). At both schools, the program strives to develop student physical health, aesthetic/cultural sensibilities, daily living skills, academic engagement, academic proficiency, social skills, and emotional intelligence by providing challenging learning opportunities within the context of a nurturing environment, informed by evidence-based practices, with coordinated support from professional school educators, families, community organizations, UACS staff, UT students, and UT faculty.

Research & Evaluation

Review extant data: curriculum based measurement, assignment completion rates, accuracy rates, office discipline referrals, suspension rates, chronic absenteeism.
Interview Stakeholders: Regular checking in with surveys and focus groups
Observation: Combination of qualitative scripted observations and structured quantitative observations to look at time on task, types of engagement strategies used by staff, verbal encouragements and compliments.

Partnership Highlights

Garden to table program involves students, families, school staff, and university faculty in developing a community garden and offering cooking classes in conjunction with produce being generated.

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